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Crystalline Roots

Crystalline Roots is a piece from feminine and organic inspiration. The delicate and curved estheticism makes echo to the fragile beauty of young spring shoots.


Technical Description

3 octaves crystallophone
Technique: cast glass, laminated and carved wood
Materials: glass, cherry wood, rope, copper wire
Dimensions: length: 42 in. / 107 cm · width: 25 in. / 64 cm · height: 21 in. / 53 cm
Years of production: 2010

This piece is tuned in a pentatonic Indo-Java key called “slendro”. It is one of the two keys used in traditional Indonesian ensembles. I chose this mode because it allows a harmonious play, regardless of the skill of the player.

Price: $ 6,800

The feet of this piece can be disassembled with a simple pressure downward. This makes the packing and shipping easier and less expensive.

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