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Crystal Kantilan Gender

Crystal Kantilan Gender. This pair of instruments is a crystal adaptation of the Indonesian gender. It is one of the main instruments used in Indonesian gamelan ensembles. It is tuned in a pentatonic “slendro” mode, which is one of the two traditional modes used in these ensembles. The pair is made of a female “ngumbang” and a male “ngisep”. When they are played simultaneously, they create a wave that is typical in the traditional gamelan ensembles.




Technical Description
Technique: crystal paste
Materials: crystal, polycarbonate tubes, butternut wood and maple, rope, felt
Dimensions: length: 30 in. / 76 cm · width: 12.5 in. / 32 cm · height: 19.5 in. / 49.5 cm
Year of production: 2010

The “slendro” pentatonic mode is not directly linked to our tempered scale which is often in reference to the A 440 Hz. The space between the notes is not regular, and it confers a particular Asian feeling to this mode. If it is brought back to our musical system, it would sound like the following: F#, G#, A#, C#, E.

Price: $ 5,500.
This price includes the cases.
The piece can be dissembled.

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